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Something small can achieve a breakthrough in the protection of our environment

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September 28, 2016| Karetta Charles Crooks
Something small can achieve a breakthrough in the protection of our environment

Only two days to the closure of the call for proposals for the Small Grants Fund (SSGF). The call was launched on September 5, 2016 to provide a fund for projects that promote the rights of access in matters of the environment, better known as the Principle 10. It is open to certified  non-profit and non-governmental organizations, based in Latin America and the Caribbean and prospective candidates must be registered with the Regional Public Mechanism of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC):

The SSGF offers grants of up to US$2,000. In addition, grant recipients have the opportunity to be part of a unique network of environmental organizations working around the world on projects such as the Access Initiative (TAI) and Principle 10, which seeks to achieve better environmental governance and ensure that citizens are involved in decision-making processes.

According to Mrs. Sonia Montenegro, Executive Director of CIAM based in Panama, “This donation is important for the LAC region, because organizations receiving small grants will support initiatives in progress or complete tasks to improve the protection of the environment and good governance, promoting and thus strengthening the implementation of Principle 10 in their countries. “

Ms. Montenegro said some examples of initiatives that applicants could submit in this call include: (i) Generation of evidence of environmental injustice and the importance of using access rights in their country; (ii) The use of narrative, theater, radio, social media and television to raise public awareness of the rights of access and the regional agreement and (iii) Training of stakeholders, including government, civil society, indigenous groups and journalists on the importance and use of access rights to prevent and treat the issue of human rights violations.

Applying is fairly easy and contains three sections; basic information, project description and a budget. Each section must be completed in full. The proposal must be submitted no later than September 30, 2016 to For more information, visit

The SSGF is made possible by a grant to CIAM, the Access Initiative by the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

For more information, please contact:
Andrea Sanhueza
Elected Public Representative (Chile)

Danielle Andrade
Elected Public Representative (Jamaica)

Paola Valdes
Journalist (Latin America)

Charles Crooks Karetta
Alternate Elected Public Representative (St. Lucia) and Journalist (El Caribe)

Visit our website:
Facebook: LAC Regional Public Mechanism P10 – P10 LAC Regional Public Mechanism
Twitter: @LacP10info

What is the Declaration of Principle 10 of Latin America and the Caribbean?
It is a political commitment made by several governments of the region to promote a change in how decisions are made and to begin negotiating a regional agreement that will bring standards on access to information, participation and justice in their countries. This commitment seeks to ensure that all people in Latin America and the Caribbean may participate in environmental decisions that affect them directly. This Regional Agreement will help citizens to obtain information, participate in decision-making and prevent the development of projects that could damage their lives and livelihoods, and prevent the proliferation of socio-environmental conflicts. Any country in Latin America and the Caribbean can join the negotiation process Affirming the Declaration. To do this, you should contact the Technical Secretariat of this process, the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), in the mail:


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