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Press release,
Wednesday, May 17, 2017,
Academy of Science of the Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, D.N.

Last night Fernando Villalona, Manuel Jiménez, Javish Victoria and Hendry Zarzuela started the Environmental Education campaign with Musical Rythm, in an emotional and crowded event held at the headquarters of the Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic, in the colonial city of Santo Domingo.

These celebrated Dominican artists participate in and encourage this campaign that is organized by the Institute of Lawyers for the Protection of the Environment (INSAPROMA) and Mundo Ecológico, with the purpose of raising awareness and sensitizing the population through popular music on the need to preserve the Natural resources and the environment.

The entities thanked the artists who are contributing their talents, their voices and their compositions in favor of creating an environmental culture at a time when the country suffers the impacts of climate change.

The executive director of INSAPROMA, Euren Cuevas explained that the main tool of the campaign is a CD with songs by these and other renowned Dominican artists that will be broadcast through radio, social networks, obtained via downloads from the website and the distribution of physical CDs directly in the institutions that are part of the campaign.

Cuevas said that the CD of the campaign integrates various genres such as merengue, bachata, salsa, pop ballad, urban music and vallenato (folk song).

“The project has been designed to reach the taste of the general public and of all ages. The content of the songs have a direct message, such as Why destroy what God created? Interpreted by Fernando Villalona, known as the Mayimbe, whose content includes the genesis of the Bible, the creation of the universe, with the message that we should not destroy what God has created for us, rivers, animals, oceans, trees and the air, as posed by the Encyclical Laudato Si of Pope Francis, ” he said.

He put as an example the pop ballad interpreted by the composer and singer Manuel Jiménez entitled “Loma Miranda”, which includes one of the most important struggles that the Dominican people has fought to protect the environment.

He also said that the CD integrates the merengue rap performed by Javish Victoria, titled “Ya no más,” (no more) which is a cry for help because of the damage done to Mother Earth: “No more cutting of trees, no more burning coal, no more global warming, is enough of so much damage, it is time to stop the destruction and start the construction and the road to sustainable development. “

Cuevas also reported that Ramón Orlando, Victor Waill and Hendry Zarzuela participate in the CD of the campaign.

He indicated that the teacher Ramón Orlando interprets the bachata titled “Que sería de nosotros” (What would be us) which calls attention to the need for water and air without pollution for life on the planet.

In the production, Víctor Waill interprets the salsa “Mi canto es verde” (My song is green), in which alerts on the emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere that are putting life in danger on the earth.

“The vallenato” (Folk song) “Ya no queremos” (We no longer want) that Hendry Zarzuela sings is a claim for the protection of endangered species,” Cuevas noted.

Mundo Ecologicó Executive Director Carolina Saddler called on all companies and public and private institutions to support the campaign.

“After 16 years of work, we have realized that we have to create a mechanism of greater reach and diffusion, which is pleasant for everyone, such as music, to carry our ecological and environmental message,” said the leader.

The artists answered questions from the journalists and the audience present, sharing cheerfully during the toast that closed the activity.


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