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(Bongs) Participated in the Central American and Caribbean Conclave

Mr. Euren Cuevas Medina, Executive Director of INSAPROMA and General Secretary of the Non-Governmental Organizations Block (Bongs) participated in the Central American and Caribbean Conclave on “The Role of Governments, Civil Society and Religious Organizations” held in Costa Rica during the days of 6 to 8 October 2016 with the motto “Addressing the challenges of our times”. The Universal Federation for World Peace promoted this event taking into consideration that the parliamentarians of the world have a great responsibility for peace, since they are the ones who elaborate the laws that organize and govern in the different countries.

The main objective of the activity was to create a network of parliamentarians for world peace, and a delegation of parliamentarians, civil society and religious leaders from the Dominican Republic, the largest delegation of 18 people, was invited. By Dr. Amarilis Santana, senator for the province of La Romana, Dominican Republic.

Of the activities developed in the international conclave were the interventions on “Peace does not mean absence of war”, “Climate Change”, “Global Warming” and “Cycling to return for peace”.

Following photos were taken during the conclave:


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