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CNLCC: CDEEE does not want transparency by classifying information as reserved

Friday, February 5, 2016

The National Committee to Combat Climate Change (Cnlcc) considered that the classification as confidential of information and documents related to coal plants of Punta Catalina, by the Dominican Corporation of State Electrical Companies (CDEEE), is an action intended to permanently hide from the scrutiny of public opinion the decisions taken by the authorities on this project and a refusal to all those who demand transparency in governance.

The social agency noted that “the vice president of CDEEE, Ruben Jimenez Bichara, by administrative act OAI-01/2016, dated January 15 this year, classified as reserved information with regards to the coal plants of Punta Catalina and the contract for planting mahogany trees in the vicinity of these plants, to refuse to supply the Lawyers Institute for Environmental Protection (Isaproma), which had required under Law No. 200-04 on Free access Public Information.

Clarifies that the administrative act undersigned Jimenez Bichara, in its first resolution reads that “the information required by the Lawyers Institute for Environmental Protection (Insaproma) is classified as confidential, because of overriding public interest, in its request number 591”.

The company explains that in the aforementioned application by the administrative act required that the CDEEE, copy of the reforestation contract for the management and mitigation of damage to the coal plants of Punta Catalina, signed between the CDEEE, the Ministry of Environment and the Consortium Dominican Mahogany (Concadom).

Similarly, states that it was also requested information on the total budget allocated for the construction of thermo electric plants, detailed distribution of fund amounts that have been invested in the construction, the source of this funding, and the name of the owners of the land where they are built.

The National Committee to Combat Climate Change called serious the statement by the CDEEE on the information and documents relating to the construction of plants in Punta Catalina, because this classification is to justify the refusal to permit the public know the details of this project that is under serious suspicion of corruption.

The document states that this administrative act of the CDEEE is a response not only to Insaproma and other organizations that have submitted the application of an injunction for environmental preventive protection before the Administrative Court against the coal plants of Punta Catalina, but for all actors participating in the Electrical Pact that have requested the same or similar information.

It further notes that this administrative act confirms and reinforces the non-transparent and illegal conduct of the authorities as per a recently revealed scandal of the secret agreement with the company Pinegy Commercial Group, SRL, which according to the organization, the company is very close to the entourage of the President of the Republic.

The movement questioned how the government intends that discussions of the National Pact for the Reform of Electricity Sector continue? When the sector responsible shield with stealth to hide the information and documents proving their permanent and blatant violation of the laws and the Constitution of the Republic.

Source: hecho.com.do


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