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When viewing the statistics it can be seen that among households using charcoal and firewood in total they represent 11.5% of all households, or more than 300 thousand families! This high percentage is in line with still very high levels of poverty. In addition to the health problems caused by the fumes breathed in by these householders, the impact on the environment includes the continuation of the de-forestation and air pollution. The solution is directly linked to poverty reduction. (Comment INSAPROMA)


lX Censo Nacional de Población y Vivienda 2010
of  1 to 7 of december 2010
Características de la Vivienda y del Hogar
Santo Domingo
October 2012


Here is an excerpt on the subject produced in:

Socioeconomic Household Survey 2012
QUALITY OF LIFE, cooking fuel, page 153

“In the Dominican Republic, fuels used for cooking food primarily are gas, coal, firewood and electricity. The quality of life levels are associated with this variable and focus on that, depending on the fuel used, the levels of pollution vary.

The PNPSP 2013 – 2016 highlights the importance of access to good fuel system nationwide through the Specific Objective No. 17, which points to the fact ensuring a reliable supply of fuel, diversified, competitive prices and foments environmental sustainability. Similar to the access to electricity, this service is closely related to the environment, so good access, apart from contributing to increasing the quality of life, strongly influences the environmental situation in the country. “


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