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Forest Cover 1996-and-2003

Here you can see the deterioration of forest coverage over only 7 years:

INSTRUCTIONS: Slide the vertical bar in the middle of the image below to the left or right to reveal the difference between 1996 and 2003

<- – – -|- – – ->
Left: 1996                                                                                               right: 2003


cubertura-boscosa-1996 cubertura-boscosa-2003


Although the statistics presented in the tables below indicate an increase in forested areas of 27.52% in 1996 to 32.89% in 2003, observing the quality of these forests you will note a decrease in dense humid forests and an increase in dry forests, which is best illustrated by the two images above. You can say that we have lost mature forests and replaced them by new plantings. But the decrease in density (not the absolute area) is what is most important with respect to the captivation and retention of water, also a resource in decline due to the shrinking forests – Beware of statistics!



                 1996                                                             2003clasificacion-de-la-cobertura-boscosa-y-su-extension-1996-vs-2003-2



Fuente: Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Atlas 2012, paginas 70 a 73

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