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Decisions of the meeting between the ADP and environmental organizations to present the Dominican School Responds to Climate Change Program, Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Santo Domingo,

Thursday Sept 28

Last Tuesday, September 26th, representatives of the environmental movement of the country met with the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP), at its national headquarters in the city of Santo Domingo, D. N., in order to meet and exchange about the Dominican School Responds to Climate Change Program. This proposal was prepared by the ADP, under the guidance of 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Rajendra K. Pachauri, and with input from environmental organizations. The Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), also participated in this meeting, which is in the process of formalizing its participation in the Program through a framework agreement signed with the ADP.

From the exchange on the Program, the following conclusions and commitments were reached:

  1. Make all general, sectoral and bilateral preparations and agreements during the remaining months of 2017, in order to start with the Program beginning January 1st of next year, 2018. The Program will be launched before the end of 2017, if possible with the participation of Dr. Pachauri.
  1. The UASD makes its resources, its virtual, institutional and physical platform, available to the Program. Also resources for hosting and publishing materials. At the end of the first year of the Program, a publication should be published containing the contents and progress of the Program, especially its diploma.
  1. The environmental movement undertook to provide specialized teachers for the diploma to participate in it, and select the place where it will interact with the program in order to accompany the schools and contribute to the development of small initiatives and projects on climate change or intervention in the climatic vulnerability of the area where the schools are located. In this sense, in the next two weeks, the organizations will have to send the personal data and CVs of potential teachers who will give classes in the diploma, indicating the specific topic of the program. The UASD will provide the profile of these teachers after it is reviewed by Dr. Pachauri
  1. Ask Dr. Pachauri to manage highly recognized international teachers in the field of climate change to participate in the diploma, both remotely and virtually as well as in face-to-face visits to DR.
  1. Environmental organizations are in the best position to sign any agreements that may be necessary to launch and set up the Program.

The meeting also discussed three other topics: a) The program of activities of Dr. Pachauri’s stay in DR; b) Post-ratification actions of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change; and c) The verdict of the TC supporting the non-admission of the Superior Administrative Tribunal of preventive environmental protection against the construction of the Punta Catalina coal plants. On these aspects, it was decided:

(a) Program of Dr. Rajendra K. Pacharuri’s stay:

– The celebration of four master lectures in Santiago de los Caballeros, Barahona, Baní and San Pedro de Macorís.

– Do everything possible to ensure that Dr. Pachauri is invested with a doctorate Honoris Causa that will most likely be approved by the Cláustro Menor of the UASD on October 28, during his next stay in DR. Master lecture given after his investiture, in the UASD with the support of the ADP and the Dominican environmental movement.

– Celebration of a major launch event for the Dominican School Responds to Climate Change program, chaired by Dr. Pachauri.

The date and other details of these activities will be decided at a later date when we have the date of Dr. Rajendra and Dr. Aachauri’s arrival in the country, possibly between late November and early December of this year.

  1. b) On post-Ratification activities of the Paris Accord on Climate Change:

Subscription of joint declaration requesting President Danilo Medina, the National Congress and the Dominican Corporation of State Electric Companies (CDEEE) to convert the Punta Catalina coal plants to natural gas. Organizations will seek the endorsement of this statement from other organizations with which they have a close relationship.

Press conference to make the joint statement public.

At a special meeting, discuss a program of actions to strengthen compliance with the country’s commitment to reduce the country’s total emissions by 25% by 2030. The date and place of this meeting will be announced.

  1. c) About the TC ruling:

A panel on this sentence in light of the principle of prevention or precaution, preferably to be held at the Academy of Science of the Dominican Republic, with the participation of renowned lawyers and environmentalists.

To contact international entities so that they can react to this ruling and consider the possibility of acceding to international instances and jurisdictions so that they may judge or give their opinion on the jurisprudence of this ruling, which denies access to the constitutional process of protection to the defense of environmental law and restricts it to administrative and other ordinary contentious proceedings. Explore the possibility of opening proceedings before the Inter-American Court of Rights on this sentence.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that on Thursday, Thursday, 28th, the ADP met with INAFOCAM to present the Program. INAFOCAM agrees to participate in the Program, especially under the auspices of the Diploma. For tomorrow, the President of the ADP, Eduardo Hidalgo, will hold a meeting with the Vice-Minister of Education, Fran Cáceres and other officials from the portfolio, to present the Program. Also on Thursday, October 5, a delegation from the ADP, chaired by Professor Hidalgo, will also meet with the director of the National Climate Change Council and the Clean Development Mechanism, Ernesto Reyna Alcántara, for the same purpose.

Tomorrow, Friday, September 28, ADP President Eduardo Hidalgo will hold a meeting with Vice Minister of Education Fran Cáceres and other portfolio officials to present the Program.

Also on Thursday, October 5, a delegation of the ADP, chaired by Professor Hidalgo, will also meet with the director of the National Climate Change Council and the Clean Development Mechanism, Ernesto Reyna Alcántara, with the same purpose

Enrique de León

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