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P10 Declaration for SDG Forum with supporters

The SDG and Principle 10
A key partnership for achieving a sustainable development.


There will be no sustainable development without the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) or without the rights of access to information, access to justice and participation on environmental issues, known as access rights.

The Agenda for Sustainable Development began globally in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 with the Conference on Environment and Development. First were the Conventions, the Agenda 21 and the Rio Declaration, then Rio + 20 with “The Future We Want” and now 25 years later, we have the SDG as a common global platform.

The Agenda 2030 and the Regional Agreement for Principle 10 saw the light together in Rio plus 20 and this Forum is an unparalleled opportunity for them to be strengthened and implemented together. Both processes are the result of the global political re-articulation of the environmental agenda that emerged from the Rio + 20 Summit…

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