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Claims that the government does not promote clean energy

Published in the newspaper Listin Diario:
Economy & Business, Thursday, November 26, 2015

Santo Domingo

As the world moves towards the establishment of clean and renewable energy at the World Climate Conference to be held later this month in Paris, France, the Dominican government seeks to impose on the Electrical Pact an energy platform based on coal and traditional generation with high emissions of greenhouse gases, the main cause of climate change, as reported by the civil, business and environmental society.

The Association of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (Aseefeer), the National Committee to Combat Climate Change (CNLCC), Climate Justice, the Lawyers Institute for Environmental Protection (Insaproma) and Macoris Verde Foundation reported that last week representatives of the government, led by the Ministry of Energy and Mines, in the Electricity Pact vetoed the consensus that had agreed to restore tax incentives of law No. 57 / 07 on incentives for Development of Sources of Renewable Energy and its Special Regimes that it had before the tax reform of 2012.

The entities reported that with this veto the government clearly shows its true bet on energy is with coal and not on clean and renewable energy, according to a statement.

denuncian-que-el-gobierno-no-promueve-la-energia-limpiaDEMAND THAT THE INCENTIVE BE RESTORED;
For clean and renewable energies sources to develop, the immediate reinstatement of the 75% deduction of income tax incentive for auto producers is necessary, as provided by law 57-07 before 2012, or otherwise it would be closing their access to the country to only favor fossil fuels, considered the organizations.

Source: Listin diario

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