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Today marks the 15th day of the oil spill from the viaduct that carries this fuel to the FALCONBRIDGE mine at its facilities in Bonao from the deposit they have in Quita Sueño Haina, San Cristobal. The spill has been detected in Quita Sueño de Haina’s neighborhood Valle Encantado, two tanker trucks are sucking oil from the sewers, pulling several trucks out since Sunday, August 20, without having found the leakage that has caused the environmental disaster to date. as the backhoe loaders keep trying to find the leak.


The impact on water, soil, subsoil, air, biodiversity and people is not yet estimated, but it is certainly considerable. Neighbors have told the national press that they have suffered in their health, feel dizzy, with headaches, vomiting, eye irritation, among other symptoms.


The damage caused by the spill to the nearest neighbors has been evident from not being able to light a stove in their homes, to having to move away from their home, since the fuel is flammable and if they light a stove to cook their food could blow up the whole neighborhood and there is something worse that you can’t cook in your home, or you can’t live in your home with your family, without having anywhere to go and the danger for those who stay, exposed to any greater disaster that that already has occurred.


This type of environmental disaster only occurs when there has been negligence on the part of the company in the maintenance of the oil pipeline, leaving it to its own fate and although they are repeat offenders, the authorities do not do the monitoring work that the law requires and inevitably this type of environmental disaster occurs.


DESASTRE AMBIENTAL EN VALLE ENCANTADO QUITA SUEÑO-02FALCONDO again commits environmental crime in the impoverished town of Quita Sueño, and as provided in article 76 of Law 64-00, which states that ” The consequences of environmental disasters caused by negligence shall be the exclusive responsibility of the persons or entities responsible for them, who shall replace or restore the areas or resources destroyed or affected, if possible, and shall be held criminally and civilly liable for the damages caused”.


Article 174 of Law 64-00 also classifies this type of act as an environmental crime as it reads “Everyone who, by act or omission, guilt or intentionally, transgresses or violates the present law and other provisions that complement it, commits a crime against the environment and natural resources and, therefore, will respond accordingly. Thus, any aggression or crime against the environment and natural resources gives rise to an action against the guilty or responsible party.”


Euren Medina Cuevas
Director of INSAPROMA
Expert in Environmental Law

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