Directors 2017-2019

Sunday 6 Aug 2017
INSAPROMA elects new Board of Directors

It is composed of Dr. Jose Luis Sosa, President, Dr. Jorge Lizardo Velez, Vice President Dr. Juan Arias, Treasurer, Licda Maritza Santos Reynoso, Secretary, Dr. Rommel Santos Diaz, Director of international relations, Lic. Marcos Rodriguez, Director of public relations and Euren Cuevas Medina, Vocal. Also were elected for the Disciplinary Tribunal, Nayarit Arias Dias, President, Ramon Guzman Vocal and Johnny Miguel Tejeda Soto Vocal.

Euren Cuevas Medina was ratified as Executive Manager. This new Board will be for two years until 2019.

Board of Directors

Dr. Jose Luis Sosa Aquino - presidente2x2 Dr. Jorge Lizardo Velez - vicepresidente2x2

Lic. José Luis Sosa Aquino


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Dr. Jorge Lizardo Vélez


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Maritza Reynoso Santos - Secretaria de Actas 2x2 Lic. Juan Arias Fuentes -Tesorero2x2

Licda. Maritza Reynoso


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Dr. Juan Arias Fuentes


Dr. Marcos Rodriguez - Vocal2x2 Lic. Romel Santos Dia - Director de relaciones publicas2x2

Lic. Marcos Rodríguez

director of Public Relations

Dr. Rommel Santos

Director of International Relations

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Disciplinary Tribunal

In addition, the institution has a disciplinary tribunal responsible for ensuring compliance with our bylaws and resolutions, as well that our member citizens act according to the rules and good customs of Dominican society. This TRibunal is composed of:
Nayarit Arias - Presidenta trib. disciplinario 2x2 Lic. Ramón Guzmán - Vocal2x2

Ing. Nayarit Arias

President Disciplinary Tribunal

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Lic. Ramón Guzmán


Dr. Johnny Miguel Tejeda Soto



At the operational level,  INSAPROMA has a team that is responsible for implementing all the guidelines set by our Board and approved by the General Assembly.
Lic. Euren Cuevas Medina - Primer presidente2x2 Maritza Reynoso Santos - Secretaria de Actas 2x2

Lic. Euren Cuevas Medina

Executive Director

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Licda. Maritza Reynoso

Director of Conciliation y Litigation

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Nayarit Arias - Presidenta trib. disciplinario 2x2

Ing. Nayarit Arias

Project Director

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Organigrama - INSAPROMA

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