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The President of INSAPROMA, Euren Cuevas Medina concludes 400 hour training in environmental law

On May 25 in Selva Negra, Nicaragua, Central America, concluded the training in environmental law that was given to environmental law professors of Guatemala, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The Universities of: Tulane of New Orleans USA, Rafael Landivar of Guatemala, Pablo Freire of Nicaragua and Iberoamericana of the Dominican Republic, were the centers of higher learning that academically sustained this training, sponsored by USAID and HED, in cooperation with the Payson Center for International Development.

The richness of the training was based on the experience of each of the participants and facilitators, although they spoke the same language, their cultures are totally different, however this was not an obstacle to for harmony, friendship and respect to reign demonstrated towards each other during those 2 years.

This training program in environmental law, is part of Chapter XVII of DR-CAFTA and commitments to develop and strengthen environmental law in the region of the treaty.

INSAPROMA would like to thank and congratulate Professor Colin Crawford, director of the project, in the way in which he was able to lead such a diverse group and keep it coherent until the end. Moreover we take this opportunity to thank our classmates during these 2 years for being tolerant and above all very professional and solidary. We want to conclude by reminding all “that protecting the environment and natural resources preserve life.”

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