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Press release,
Monday, October 31, 2016,
Santo Domingo, D.N.

In the morning, representatives of the National Committee to Combat Climate Change, CNLCC, delivered a letter to the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, where they call on President Danilo Medina to immediately ratify the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, that will take effect next Friday.

In the letter, the group also demands from President Medina that he offer a public explanation of the reasons the government has had to delay ratification of this agreement.

The entity said that it is at only three days before the Paris Agreement comes into force and the Dominican Republic has not yet ratified that instrument, and the government has not given any indication that it will do so by Friday, November 4.

“On the contrary, last week the Senate approved the issuance of public debt bonds for 600 million dollars to finance the coal plants that the government is building at Punta Catalina.

“As soon as these coal plants start operating, they will shed 6.34 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, increasing alone, by more than 20% the country’s carbon footprint,” it said.

It explained in the letter that the construction of these plants is incompatible with the “Country-Commitment” contracted in person by President Medina with the international community to reduce to 25% of the carbon dioxide emissions of the Dominican Republic by 2020, and with the Paris Agreement which aims to drastically reduce worldwide by 2030 this gas caused by the combustion of fossils, especially of coal.

The letter asks the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Francisco Domínguez Brito, to submit a summons to the President of the Republic to ratifify the Paris Agreement.

“The government must immediately ratify the Paris Agreement and give up the use of coal in the Punta Catalina plants,” it said.
It expressed that this is “the historical moment for the Dominican Nation to decide to actively contribute to its survival and that of the whole planet, and to abandon coal definitively”.

The entity noted in the letter that there is a great contrast between the enthusiasm and the media deployment of President Danilo Medina’s actions of last year, when he participated in November 2015 at the World Climate Conference in Paris, France, and the delay in which the government has incurred in ratifying the agreement that emerged from this summit.

It recalled that on that occasion the President of the Republic made the “Paris-Commitment” to reduce by 25% of carbon dioxide emissions by 2020, and promised to sign the agreement for this event.

The Committee said that its surprised by the government’s behavior towards this agreement, belonging to the group of island nations located in the tropics that are the most threatened and vulnerable to the effects of global warming and climate change.

He said that these Caribbean, Indian and Pacific Island States were the first to ratify the Paris Agreement and to promote the constitution of the Green Fund, which will help prevent, remedy and adapt their societies and economies to the damage caused by change climate.


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Enrique de León, of the National Committee to Combat Climate Change, CNLCC, offers statements to the press on Monday morning, October 31, at the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, after depositing a letter from the An entity calling on the government to ratify the Paris Agreement on Climate Change that will come into force next Friday.




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