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Press release,
Tuesday, March 28, 2017,
Santo Domingo, D.N.

Civil society organizations and environmentalists who advocate ratification of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change decided in the morning to maintain a permanent vigilance over the Chamber of Deputies until this body approves this agreement.

Representatives of twenty-five organizations made the decision to establish a permanent watchdog on the Chamber of Deputies, after today’s session of this body did not hear the report of the commission that studied the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

The organizations that were represented in the morning are the NGO Alliance, the Jaragua Group, the Dominican Teachers Association (ADP), the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), the Dominican Environmental Consortium (CAD), the Ecological Foundation Macorís Verde, the Institute of Lawyers for the Defense of the Environment (INSAPROMA), Guakia Ambiente and the National Committee to Combat Climate Change (CNLCC), among others.

“Although the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Lucia Medina had announced that this agreement would be heard in today’s session, this was not the case, and we fear that if we do not maintain public’s attention and vigilance over this body, it will be heard in the week of 7 Thursday, ” they said.

They reported that they met with Deputy Ricardo Contreras, who promised that he would do everything possible, along with other deputies and disputed from different groups, so that the Paris Agreement be known in the morning session.

They said that the authorities have generally shown no sense of urgency about the need for the Dominican Republic to ratify the Paris Agreement despite the fact that the country has been suffering from climate change since last year.
“The current rains and flooding of the north coast, the passage of Hurricane Matthew, the drought that affected much of the country until last year and the heavy rainfall in November are all extreme events caused by climate change,” they said.

They indicated that they have been campaigning for about six months for this agreement to be approved by the public authorities and only the approval by the Chamber of Deputies is lacking so that it may become law and the Dominican Republic becomes State number 137 to ratify it.

They recalled that on February 8, the Senate approved this agreement in a single reading and unanimously, offering an example of environmental awareness.

They affirmed that almost all the island states that are most vulnerable to climate change ratified the Paris Agreement in the first four months of last year, and only have not done so, from all the islands of the world, Haiti, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

They assured that the organizations will be vigilant and pressing for the Chamber of Deputies to approve this agreement. “If it is necessary for us to move to the National Congress, we will do so, but the Dominican Republic can no longer postpone the ratification of the Paris Agreement.”


Establecen vigilancia permanente a la Cámara de Diputados hasta que apruebe el Acuerdo de París DSC-003
El diputado Ricardo Contreras recibió en la mañana de hoy a los representantes de veinticinco organizaciones de la sociedad civil y ambientalistas que abogan por la aprobación del Acuerdo de París.

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