Estadísticas de Áreas Protegidas

Flora Endangered Species 2011

Endemic and Native Flora Endangered

Main species of endemic flora of the Dominican Republic in danger of extinction. Proposals for the National Red List – September 2011


flora-en-peligro-1 flora-en-peligro-2

Several factors associated with human activities have caused the destruction, fragmentation or dissection of forests, such as cutting of precious woods, the establishment of plantations of sugar cane, rice, coffee, cocoa and other crops on slopes and mountainous canvas, charcoal production, urban expansion, road construction, and resorts.

Because of these factors, they have drastically reduced populations of hundreds of species, placing several of them in a condition of danger of extinction.

Many of the threatened species have great ecological, balance of nature, economic and cultural value, such as: timber, medicinal, crafts, ceremonial or magic & religious, ornamental, honey and fodder, among other uses.


Source: Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Atlas 2012, pagina 25

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