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Indignation in the face of a judicial decision – a sentence mocks victims – favors the guilty

Monday 17 July 2017

My indignation today,

The indignation I felt this afternoon was out of boundaries. I happened to have a hearing in the Santo Domingo Criminal Court, I represent the families of a young doctor of 30 years old who was run over along with his wife of 29 years, both Christian evangelicals and died as a result of the blows suffered by the collision, leaving his only child of 7 years orphan.

It turns out that from 2013 to 2016, the Boca Chica Peace Court has been torturing the family that had lost their children, but that was not enough, the judges admitting all incidents even though they have no basis from the lawyer of the insurance company and the accused and for three years hearings kept being postponed and on on top of that in the evil sentencing were it was determined that the driver who killed the young doctors was driving at high speed, without the headlight on and leaving the crime scene. Regardless, the judge who heard the case condemns to a minimum sentence the accused who killed the two people and since he had spent the last 2 years in prison, saw his prison term suspended so he may return to his home and in his spare time can do some community work somewhere, and as for the compensation, the insurance company, the owner of the vehicle and the accused, among the three, pay, for the life of the young deceased, two million pesos (US$42,000), a mockery to the families of the young deceased. Just the travel to court and notifications have cost as much. How then will we reduce traffic accidents, if the courts are incentives to continue to trample innocents on the streets. But this is nothing, we had also requested the suspension of the accused driver’s license but the judge understood that he could continue driving.

But what most displeases me today was that the lawyer of the insurance company tried once again to postpone or resubmit the hearing and could not because it was unfounded and the Court Prosecutor who is supposed to defend the interests of the State and of The society, asked for the adjournment of the hearing because we supposedly, as lawyers for the victims of the relatives of the dead, we had notified in the name of the lawyers and not the court, when we showed the summons to the judge and saw that the summons was a request of the secretary of the Court of Appeal of Santo Domingo. Then another incident was invented again requesting the postponement because the Court had not authorized us to notify. This attitude of the Prosecutor is questionable, since he is not a lawyer of the insurance company, nor of the accused, he is a lawyer in principle of the victims, but worse still this is the fourth hearing and the honorable judges know that those who must notify is the Clerk of the Court and in the past three hearings had never notified and those who have had to notify have been the victims assuming the role not exercised by the Clerk of the Court and until now were valid, but today the Judges of the Court decided to accept and resend the Hearing because it was not the Secretary who notified the third party civil defendant, knowing that if they leave it to the Secretary of the Tribunal this case will never be heard, because they do not notify, but also lawyers are ancillary to justice, bailiffs are part of the System of justice with public faith and with quality to notify, how it is that a notification is invalid if it was done at the request of the Secretary and by a bailiff of the system of Justice.

Please do not continue to deteriorate the Dominican justice system more than this, people do not believe in justice because of this kind of thing. Insurance companies and defendants make fun of victims because the courts act irresponsibly torturing the victims in favor of the insurance companies and the victimizers. To avoid that this becomes more unbearable than it is now, you have children just as we and we want those children yours and ours to grow up in a more just society.

Euren Cuevas Medina The indignant

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