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The National Committee to Combat Climate Change, CNLCC, recognizes the Lawyers Institute for Environmental Protection, INSAPROMA, as a bastion of defense of environmental rights of the Dominican people. INSAPROMA has taken as his, all environmental causes of the country, firstly, the defense of the right to health and a healthy environment of the people of Bani and the province of Peravia, to head next to CNLCC, an injunction against the construction of coal plants at Punta Catalina. Following the judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court dismissing this appeal because it considered himself the contentious matter, INSAPROMA, headed by its executive director, Euren Cuevas Medina, has asked the Constitutional Court to review this decision, one of the brightest legal pieces in defense of the right to health and healthy environment, and the implementation of preventive and precautionary principle in environmental matters, per article 8 of Law No. 64-00 of environment and Natural Resources. The judges of the Supreme Administrative Court, before the injunction request they should have suspended the construction of the coal plants at Punta Catalina, because it violates people’s right to health and a healthy environment, with the clear and manifest risk of these plants affecting this right. If here remained but a hair of Justice, that should be the ruling of the Constitutional Court before the review requested by INSAPROMA and the CNLCC. But our hopes are remote, because the revision of an earlier judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court against the injunction by CNLCC against the Dominican Corporation of State Owned Electrical Companies (CDEEE) requiring them to deliver the information and documents of land ownership where the coal plants of Punta Catalina are being built, has been awaiting a year and three months for the Constitutional Court to hear and rule. Late Justice IS NO JUSTICE, IT’S TYRANNY AND FELONY.

By Enrique de León

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