The Lawyers Institute for Environmental Protection (INSAPROMA) calls, the Dominican people and all humanity, to preserve the planet, celebrating today Earth Day. This activity that has been taking place since April 22, 1972, when the first World Environment Conference in Stockholm, Sweden was held; but it was in 1990 that it was internationalized, to make way for a global celebration, and assume commitment to its protection.

We make this call in order to raise awareness of the challenges to preserve the planet. This celebration aims at raising awareness of Natural Resources, instead of a celebration, it would be a cry for help to save what little we have left of it; more increases man’s power, more nature deteriorates. Polluting the water, air, soil, and thus affecting the health, quality of life and functioning of natural resources.

According to the United Nations Organization (UN), at present, of the 6,250 million population, 1,100 million have no access to drinking water. Killing more than 2.2 million people worldwide each year due to diseases caused by contaminated water. Calculating since the middle of this century, billions of people suffer shortages of the precious liquid.

The heat, as result of global warming, killed about 70,000 people in Europe in the summer of 2003 and kills tens of thousands of people each year in Third World countries. This temperature increase attributed to human activity has affected ruthlessly nature.


Our planet can not take any more pollution, as a results it has revealed itself against humanity, causing major natural disasters such as: hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, destroying entire cities and killing hundreds of thousands of people; as well as increased water levels in the oceans, caused by melting ice reserves (glaciers) allowing the adaptation of certain species on the planet. All this as a result of climate change, considered the greatest threat to global health in the twenty-first century.

It’s time to do something to repair the damage we have caused to our planet, stopping this profanity, and keeping watch over its natural resources, so we would be helping to stop the fury of nature, against those who gave it the power to use its resources for a better standard of living; but who failed to use it without causing it any damage.

Licda. Maritza Santos Reynoso


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