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Dominguez Brito’s successes – OPINION

By Staff Writer – Nelson Reyes Star

September 9, 2016

He has started on the right foot, the minister has given show of political capacity, technical-scientific management and passion for nature.

The appointment of Francisco Dominguez Brito as minister of environment filled to the people of Santiago and the country with hope, because, after a disastrous management, recognized and verified by the president of the Republic himself in several visits to different regions of the country that converted in surprise to him and which are the most obvious evidences that our country was or is going in a very bad way, as we are slowly creating a desert with people.

domingo-britoWith the arrival of the new minister it seems to have found a romantic with great political and legal capacity to do decent work in favor of our natural resources and with aspiration to sustainable development.

I must stress that I did not have the slightest hope that the rate of destruction would change with the appointment of Brito. However, knowing the work being done; the appointment of technical and administrative staff who will accompany him and the various meetings of the minister with the most representative organizations in the country, also with the visits that he has made to the places most devastated by human unconsciousness, I have no doubt that the apparently I was wrong.

It seems that for the first time we have in the ministry of environment a combination of fundamental elements for efficient environmental management, these are: political knowledge, technical and scientific knowledge and passion for nature and thereby to see this implemented in practice we only have to wait a few months to see endeavors that we Dominicans must support, because it is the only guarantee to change the course of the disorder that our country faces in environmental matters.

I take this opportunity to make a call to civil society, entrepreneurs and political parties to present initiatives to assist the Minister to exercise the authority it takes to promote environmental collective rights over individual interests. We have the basis for efficient and sustainable management, in this case, we assign the necessary authority to enforce laws.

I hope that what I am writing becomes a reality and that the appointment of Eduardo Rodriguez, provincial director (Santiago) and Domingo Rodriguez, general manager of provincial and municipal offices of the environment are the bases to direct Santiago and the country on the right track, but if it is no so, then we have no other way than to take gun and that it be what God wants.

Source: EspejoPublico.net

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