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Protest outside the National Palace to demand Barrick Gold profits for communities

El Nuevo Diario, SANTO DOMINGO social leaders of Sanchez Ramirez, Maimon and Piedra Blanca now deposited at the National Palace a letter by which they requested the President Danilo Medina deliver the 5% of the profits of Barrick Gold to communities impacted by the activity of the Pueblo Viejo mine.

In the letter signed by more than two hundred grassroots organizations request the president abide by the Law of Environment and Natural Resources that includes a corresponding 5% as established in the 2017 General State Budget item.

“This request for enforcement of the law and institutionalization includes, Mr. President, our national commitment to accompany and monitor our local authorities to ensure that every penny of the 5% is invested in projects and development plans that achieve levels of decent life for most of our people “, adds the document.

Protesters say that up to 2014 the Executive Power had failed to deliver to the people affected by Barrick Gold over RD $ 1.300 million as mandated and entitled by Law 64-00.


On this occasion, activists were confident that the president “will do justice, comply with the law, and help communities installed on the most important mining reserves in the country so they may build a better future using the resources that belong to them.

The delivery of the document was carried out in conjunction with a peaceful demonstration outside the premises of the National Palace.


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