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What is a responsible citizen?

Our new authorities took possession yesterday to direct the destiny of the country during the 4 years to come, a prerequisite is to swear to comply with and enforce the laws, regulations and all the duties of his office. The President swears both before Congress and raises his hand to ministers of different portfolios. A responsible citizen takes the President’s word and takes the word to each of the officials, both elected and appointed to monitor, and see if they fulfill what have promised.


INSAPROMA will take the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources’ word to see if he will fulfill his oath, otherwise the country and INSAPROMA will take it into account. Lic. Francisco Dominguez Brito has a big challenge that is to apply the law effectively, his objective to improve environmental management in more than 80%, simply may he comply with what he vowed to the President of the Republic and to the country.

For now we suggest ending the charcoal mafia, which in plain sight of all and even environmental permits that charcoal be trafficked to Haiti and even exported to other countries, all taken from a National Park, the only Biosphere Reserve that the country has in the Jaragua, Bahoruco-Enriquillo region.

Eliminate corruption with environmental permits and licenses. The law 64-00 states very clearly that prior to starting any project, one must have an environmental impact study or impact statement, as appropriate and then obtain the environmental permit or license. However, project developers start construction work and create irreparable and unmeasured environmental impact, since prior environmental impact are not made. Further the practice of the Ministry of Environment is to legitimize this barbarity, imposing a meaningless fine to perpetrators and then granting them an environmental license, what use is the law then?

Another delicate situation is the unchecked extraction of aggregate in rivers, all this in the eyes of everyone except the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, we hope Mr. Dominguez Brito that this time is different, count on us to enforce the law, that is to fulfill your oath to fulfill and enforce the law.

Lic. Euren Cuevas Medina
Executive Director INSAPROMA


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