Sanitary service in homes




Access to sanitary system refers to the availability of adequate and sufficient to remove human waste matter and promote proper proper hygiene conditions. This basic service has a major impact on the level of health and welfare of home dweller and the environment in general. Therefore, to have a latrine only or not having any sanitary system equates to a source of infection and disease for the population, particularly those most vulnerable such as children under 5 years.

A good sanitary system is one that is connected to a septic tank or a sewage system to remove human waste matter and avoid diseases because of bad treatment. However, there is still a significant number of households using latrines or in the worst cases, housing does not have any type of sanitary system.

The use of latrines installed on mountains flanks, cliffs, canyons and rivers edges allows feces to reach the waters of rivers, contaminated them.

24% of the population uses latrines and 6% do not have any sanitary system.


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