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8 dec 2016


In an event held in “El Aguacatico” by Santiago Rodríguez, the initial guidelines for structuring a solid environmental institution were set that will bring together all organizations and individuals interested in environmental care in the Northwest provinces.



Taking as an ideal framework the northern foothills of the Armando Bermudez National Park, (a vital area because it is the main water basin that supplies the Monção Dam), 30 representatives of Mao’s environmental groups “Amanecer Ambiental”; Border Solidarity; The Toma Producers Association; The Toma Agroecological Cooperative; The National Environmental Assembly, Dajabón sectional; The Northwest Chinola Producers’ Association; “Laguna Saladilla is not alone”; The Sabanetero Ecological Core; Santa Ana De Carbonera Association; And the Provincial Environmental Coalition of Dajabón (CAPRODA); Constituted the Northwest Environmental Coalition (COOROR), which is intended to unify the entire North-Eastern society, in order to preserve the environment and natural assets of this wide and particular region of the Dominican Republic.

The newly formed Environmental Coalition of the Northwest also proposes to fight for the application of laws that have been developed to protect and regulate natural resources and to coordinate actions with other organizations that nationally have the same purposes.

The provinces that were represented in the activity of the past 26 and 27 November, 2016 were Dajabón, Montecristi, Valverde and Santiago Rodríguez, with a strong activism of municipalities like Loma de Cabrera, Sabaneta, Mao, Dajabón and others.

As facilitators of the event, members of the National Environmental Assembly (NANA), who for some time worked in the region with the objective of articulating a decisive regional and provincial environmental movement, as well as in the other provinces of the country participated.

The assembly concluded with the election of three representatives by province that coordinated the regional team, with these responsibilities handed to; Ramón Enríquez Torres (Moncito), Julio Ovalle Gómez and Félix Tejada, by Santiago Rodríguez; Alcibíades Tejada, Angel Peña, Euclides Castillo, by Dajabón; And Asdrúbal Rodríguez and José Ovalle, by Mao.




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