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Third Meeting of the Conformation of the Regional Support Centre for Civil Society in Latin America and the Caribbean, which was held in the Dominican Republic

The Institute of Lawyers for Environmental Protection participated in the conformation meeting of the Regional Support Center for Civil Society in Latin America and the Caribbean The meeting was held on 29 and 30 August at the Sheraton hotel in Santo Domingo in order to present the first product of regional Center consisting of the online regional platform for collaborative economy as well as the co-design of the launch of the regional Center, a process built on past discussions. This activity is a sign that civil society (OCS) has an important role at this time for growth in Latin America and the Caribbean. We understand that a space has opened for these entities, but its still not enough. This initiative has innovative goals for the above mentioned regions such as; manage a digital platform designed exclusively for the Regional Center to provide a more interactive communication between the OCS’s and the rest of the world, to design new tools for continuous improvements in management, initiate social and civic creations with potential to contribute to the development of institutions among other objectives.

Written by Mariana Castellanos



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