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Press release,
Thursday, November 10, 2016,
Santo Domingo, D.N.

This morning, 22 environmental and civil society organizations from the country delivered letters to the presidencies of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, calling for the immediate ratification of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Among the signatory organizations of these letters are the NGO Alliance, Grupo Jaragua, PRONATURA, the Ecological Society of Cibao (SOECI), the Ecological Society of Nizao, the Dominican Environmental Consortium, Institute of Lawyers for the Protection of the Environment (INSAPROMA), Ecological Foundation Macorís Verde, Citizen Participation, the Institute for Development of the Associative Economy (IDEAC), Climate Justice, Ecoferia Dominicana and the National Committee to Combat Climate Change (CNLCC).

The following also signed the letter; Guakia Ambiente,the Federation of Organizations for the Defense of Health, Environment and Agriculture of the Peravia Province, the Tropical Ecology Foundation, the Association for the Protection of the Environment and Tourism of the Cabarete Zone And Sosúa (ASOPROCASO), Community Action for the Environment (PACMA), the Dominican Association of Authorized Public Environmental Specialties (ADEAPA), among others.

Josefina Arvelo, Coordinator of Citizen Participation, Euren Cuevas Medina of the Institute of Lawyers for the Protection of the Environment (INSAPROMA), David Montes de Oca of the Fundación Macorís Verde and Yvonne Arias of the Jaragua Group were the spokespersons for the organizations that explained the content of the letters to the media present.

In the letter, the organizations call on the Presidency of the Republic, the National Congress and the Constitutional Court to act with a sense of urgency and to avoid obstacles that may be the cause of the delay in ratifying the Paris Agreement.

They pointed out that “there should be nothing more important and urgent than the survival and safety of our families and those of the entire planet.”

They stated that it is inexplicable that the Dominican Republic has not yet ratified the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, when in November of last year President Danilo Medina expressed his commitment to support the agreement that emerged from the World Summit on Climate Change ( COP 21), before the international community gathered in this conclave, in Paris, France.

They recalled that on that occasion the president of the nation, adopted the Country-Commitment to reduce by 25% the total emissions of carbon dioxide by 2020.

“We call for the ratification of an instrument that will favor the entire planet and our country, in line with our level of climate vulnerability, and with the fact that President Medina himself, on behalf of the Dominican Republic, on April 22, This year, at the United Nations, signed this Agreement along with 170 other states” they said.

They supported the demand for ratification of the Paris Agreement in that the country is the eighth most vulnerable and threatened by the effects of climate change and shares the island with Haiti, which is the third in this “tragic list”.

“The recent hurricane Matthew just confirmed this situation, leaving behind thousands of families displaced and homeless, wounded, missing and dead, especially in southwestern Haiti, where the death toll rose to about one thousand people” they said.

The organizations emphasize in the document submitted that the Dominican Republic belongs to the group of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) located in the tropics, particularly threatened by the increase in the level of the oceans, due to the ice melting in the Arctic , and by extreme phenomena such as increased frequency and intensity of hurricanes, as well as by prolonged and severe droughts.

They noted that although the country will no longer be among the group of nations of the world that ratified before last Friday, November 4, the Paris Agreement, it is time to ratify it and “honor the commitment made by President Danilo Medina, in Paris, France, in November 2015, and on 22 April this year, in New York, at the UN headquarters. “


Representatives of 22 environmental and civil society organizations handed over to the director of the representation center, Olimpia Méndez Cartagena, a letter addressed to the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, demanding the immediate ratification of the Paris Agreement on the Climate change.


This morning, representatives of twenty-two environmental and civil society organizations delivered in the Senate a letter addressed to the President of that body demanding the immediate ratification of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.


Delegation of twenty-two environmental organizations and civil society deposit a letter addressed to the Presidency of the Senate, in the Committee on the Environment of that body, demanding the immediate ratification of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change



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