The diversity of colors, sizes and songs  make Birdlife a different world full of romanticism and sublime beauty. It is still customary in some of our countryside to wake up with the singing of a rooster, children living in mountainous areas areas revel in their flight and peculiar way of singing their melodies. These and many other reasons motivated the BirdLife International organization to take the initiative to celebrate the May 9 “International Day of Birds” in order to bring the world of birds and their habitats closer to the general public.

Birds are the animals most used by the creators of fine arts. No wonder the mention of a bird in a song, see its silhouette reflected in a painting; They have been symbols of freedom and wisdom, and sometimes even symbols of oppression or ill will, today we can find in logos, stamps, postcards and coins, its that birds can inspire and astonish us by its beauty, song and ability to fly.

Ecologically speaking birds are an integral part of the dynamics of ecosystems, contributing to plant pollination and seed dispersal, thereby helping to reforest the planet; they are an effective insect pest control and organic waste, carrying with them an important health function, cleaning our habitat and helping to care for environmental health. In adherence to this, birds are good indicators of the conservation status of a site, through its study, we can better understand the changes that are affecting our environment.

18All this beautiful splendor overflowing birds, including the essential work they do to maintain the environmental balance is clouded by the hand of man being it a constant threat to the survival of birds. Forest fires destroy their habitats and annihilate their food sources, blowing smoke make the chicks jump before the indicated time. Pesticides poison their food, with intensive agriculture forests are destroyed and lagoons are drained to become growing areas where birds cannot survive. Illegal trade, hunting, poaching, capture and captivity of chicks have brought many species to the brink of extinction, thus undermining the survival and evolution of these amazing and colorful animals.

According to established in the book “Áreas Importantes para la Conservación de las Aves en la Rep.Dom” Written by Laura Perdomo, Yvonne Arias, Yolanda Leon and David Wege, of the 48,730 km2 belonging to the Dominican Republic 7,212.64 km2 are considered important for the conservation of birds of our island, which is composed of 306 species, with about 140 breeding residents, 23 species globally threatened, 1 endangered, 9 vulnerable and 9 nearly threatened.

These threats in the vast majority of cases occur by indiscriminate hunting, especially eggs and chicks, avoiding the continuation of the species. It is for this reason that the  Lawyers Institute for Environmental Protection (INSAPROMA) considers relevant and encourages this date to make a call to the annihilators of such beautiful animals to analyze their beauty, to hear her beautiful singing, but especially think how our lives would be without the existence of birds.

Maria Rosario Mayi.

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